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IT Visa in Uzbekistan

The IT Visa in Uzbekistan is a type of multiple-entry visa designed for foreign citizens coming from countries with which Uzbekistan has a visa regime. The IT Visa is issued by the internal affairs authorities of the Republic of Uzbekistan at the applicant’s temporary residence location upon the recommendation of the IT Park. Guest visas are issued to family members (spouse, parents, children).

The validity period of the IT Visa is up to three years with the possibility of extension without the need to leave the territory of the Republic of Uzbekistan. However, the IT Visa does not grant permission for temporary residency in the Republic of Uzbekistan and is not an entry visa.

The IT Card in Uzbekistan is a type of recommendation issued to foreign citizens by the Directorate. Based on the IT Card, foreign citizens with a visa regime are issued the IT Visa, and those with a visa-free regime are issued only the IT Card, allowing them to use privileges and preferences.

To obtain the IT Visa and IT Card, recommendations can be provided to:

  • foreign investor (or a company executive acting as an investor) investing in the information technology sector in Uzbekistan.
  • foreign IT specialist with an annual income equivalent to at least $30,000 USD for the last 12 months.
  • founder (participant) of a legal entity being a resident of the Technopark.

It’s worth noting that when issuing the visa, a foreign citizen or their authorized representative must contact the internal affairs authorities of the district to obtain the sticker.

Our firm provides legal services for the support and collection of necessary documents to obtain recommendations for foreign investors, foreign IT specialists, and founders of resident companies of the Technopark.