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The offer from Black Swan Consulting to order legal services in the manufacturing sector is the optimal choice for clients in Tashkent. The firm’s lawyers have extensive experience in serving representatives from various manufacturing industries. We approach the execution of assigned tasks with high responsibility. When providing legal assistance in the manufacturing field, the company assumes all possible risks. Clients are offered optimal prices for legal support in the manufacturing sector in Uzbekistan, and the reliability of our service is guaranteed.

Manufacturing sector in Uzbekistan: General information

In Uzbekistan’s industrial sector, extraction and processing of raw materials predominate, with a significant part related to cotton production and minerals. The most productive branches of heavy industry include natural gas and oil extraction, mining and processing of minerals, machinery, coal mining, black metallurgy, chemical industry, and power engineering. The dominant branches of light industry involve primary processing of cotton, wool, and silk into fabrics for export, as well as the food industry.

Currently, the Republic of Uzbekistan is the largest automobile manufacturer in Central Asia and ranks second among CIS countries in terms of high localization (about 45-55%) of passenger cars and around 15-30% of trucks and buses. The government is actively engaged in attracting foreign direct investments in the automotive industry as an independent competitor for promoting competition and industry development.

Legal support for manufacturing in Tashkent: What we offer

Black Swan Consulting has been specializing in providing legal services in the manufacturing sector for several years. During this time, we have mastered all the demanded types of activities in this field. Currently, the spectrum of legal services offered to our clients includes:

  • Drafting contracts and other documents in the manufacturing sector.
  • Reviewing contracts and other documents in the manufacturing sector.
  • Representing the interests of suppliers of materials and client companies.
  • Assisting with commissioning and state registration of facilities.
  • Supporting the process of obtaining permits and licenses.
  • Representing the client’s interests in all government bodies.
  • Supporting the acquisition of licenses and other permits.
  • Providing consultation on regulatory requirements and other matters.

The diverse range of services is not the only advantage of our services. Legal support in the manufacturing sector from Black Swan Consulting offers several other benefits to our clients. We guarantee service quality and complete tasks within optimal time frames. Along with practical assistance, clients receive professional consultations from lawyers on manufacturing matters. All of this is complemented by a flexible pricing policy with rates accessible for Uzbekistan’s market for legal services in the manufacturing domain.