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Uzbekistan’s industrial sector is dominated by raw materials extraction and processing, most of which is connected with cotton production and minerals. The most productive heavy industries are extraction of natural gas and oil, mining and mineral processing, machine building, coal mining and the ferrous metallurgy, chemical, and electrical power industries. The predominant light industries are primary processing of cotton, wool, and silk into fabric for export, and food processing. Currently, the Republic of Uzbekistan is the largest car manufacturer in Central Asia and takes the second place among the CIS countries with a high share of localization (about 45-55%) in passenger cars and about 15-30% of trucks and buses. Currently, the government of the country is actively engaged in attracting foreign direct investment in the automotive industry as an independent player for the development of competition and production of the industry.

Black Swan Consulting law firm offers the following legal services:

  • Drafting of contracts, other documents in the manufacturing sector;
  • Examination of contracts, other documents in the manufacturing sector;
  • Legal services for the protection of interests between suppliers of materials and customer companies;
  • Legal services on issues related to the commissioning and state registration of facilities;
  • Support in obtaining all necessary permits and licenses;
  • Consulting on regulatory requirements;
  • Representation in all state authorities and etc.