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Tbilisi Talks: Black Swan Consulting Unveils Uzbekistan’s Business Prospects

Last week, Black Swan Consulting team embarked on a productive business trip to the vibrant city of Tbilisi, Georgia. This journey culminated in a remarkable event on October 12, organized in collaboration with the Bank of Georgia and The USAID Economic Security Program.

During the event, our Founding Partner, Amirkhon Akhmedov, took the stage to illuminate the audience about the boundless opportunities awaiting in the Republic of Uzbekistan. Moreover, he shared key economic statistics, the remarkable strides made by the government, and, of course, the fundamental legal framework for businesses seeking to enter the Uzbek market. Also, the presentation included general information on tax regulations of Uzbekistan, benefits of IT-Park and ways of business expansion.

The Georgian companies expressed keen interest in the subject matter. This interaction lays a solid foundation for promising future collaborations. We are excited about the opportunities that lie ahead and anticipate a mutually beneficial partnership with our Georgian counterparts. We would like to thank organizers of event (USAID Economic Security Program and Bank of Georgia) and clarify that our firm will be always there to build strong business and partnership between our countries.