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Employment law & foreign labor

Black Swan Consulting (BSC) provides a full range of legal services on labor law in Uzbekistan. We have been specializing in this area for several years. Advising on labor law issues in Tashkent and other cities is carried out by highly qualified experienced lawyers. We deal with issues of labor law in Uzbekistan and foreign employment. More information about the services and benefits of our legal assistance for labor law in Tashkent can be found further on this page.

General Information about Employment Law

Labor law regulates the relationship between employers and employees. It regulates the rights and obligations of the parties to the employment contract. It also establishes the rights of employees and employers.

Labor law includes many regulations, including the labor code and various kinds of instructions. Labor laws are designed to ensure that all parties to the work process are treated fairly and ethically, thus contributing to business efficiency.

Labor law governs issues such as leave, benefits, disciplinary action, compensation, incentive payments, performance investigations, etc.

Legal services in the sphere of labor law and foreign labor activity

Experience and qualification of our lawyers allow us to provide a full range of labor law services to our clients in Uzbekistan. By contacting BSC you will be able to order:

  • Drafting and expertise of labor contracts and collective bargaining agreements;
  • Development of documents regulating labor relations (internal regulations, orders, job descriptions, etc.);
  • Advising on labor migration issues and obtaining permits for foreign workers;
  • Advising on wages, compensation, severance pay and other benefits, social and medical insurance of employees, and disciplinary measures;
  • Conducting HR audits.

Experience and client feedback demonstrate that our legal support in employment law in Uzbekistan allows clients to reduce to a minimum the time frame for solving the tasks set. In addition, flexible pricing policy of our law firm contributes to the maximum optimization of costs. If you need legal advice or practical assistance of lawyers in the field of labor law in Tashkent, use the contacts provided on the website.