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Employment law & foreign labor

Labor law (or Employment law) regulates the relationship between employers and employees. It governs what employers can expect from employees, what employers can demand from the employees, and also establishes the scope of the rights of employees and employers. It enables us to make a workplace suitable and safe to work in, regulates the hours an employee can work, and defines the remuneration that an employee is entitled to earn. Included in employment law are many regulations starting from the labor code, ending with various kinds of instructions. Employment law is designed to ensure that all parties in a working process get treated fairly and ethically, which can help to keep a business running efficiently. If both an employer and employee understand what their rights and obligations are, they can be more prepared in certain situations, such as in a case of salary misclassification. Employment law can also help to prevent work disruptions between employees and management by setting standards to govern the workplace.

Black Swan Consulting team offers the following services:

  • drafting and examination of employment contracts, collective agreements;
  • drafting documents regulating labor relations (internal regulations, orders, job descriptions, etc.);
  • consulting on labor migration issues, obtaining permits for foreign employees;
  • consulting on wages, compensations, severance pay, and other benefits, social and medical insurance for employees, application of disciplinary measures;
  • conducting a personnel audit.