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About Us​

Black Swan Consulting (BSC) is a law firm in Uzbekistan, Tashkent that provides high-quality legal services and offers solutions based on all circumstances and risks. Our specialists are qualified lawyers with extensive knowledge and experience in various areas of law. BSC was founded in 2019 in Tashkent, Uzbekistan and brought together lawyers and other consultants. Our mission is to go beyond the usual understanding of consulting, ensuring access and quality services to everyone, creating a product that covers and goes beyond the requirements of customers.

Why us

Our law firm is focused on meeting the needs of our clients. BSC is committed to going beyond the understanding of conventional legal consulting. We understand that clients value not a mere legal advice or any other service. In our work, we try to act in the interests of clients, to approach tasks creatively, to ensure the reduction of legal risks and the enhanced price-quality ratio as much as possible.

Black Swan Consulting professionals assist clients with virtually every legal issue a business or an individual may face. Every engagement receives our full focus and the benefit of collective wisdom and experience. We look beyond the books to craft sophisticated solutions to our clients legal and business problems with creativity and flexibility that anticipate the marketplace, always mindful that efficiency and diligence are critical to to achieve the desired result. Of paramount importance to us is to deliver workable, practical plans and strategies that are favorable from both a legal point of view and from a business one.

We are members of a number of international organizations, such as UN Global Compact and American Chamber of Commerce in Uzbekistan.

We are trusted

BSC has successfully completed transactions with a total value of more than 120 million US dollars in the field of IT and e-commerce. We successfully consult our clients on a wide range of topics, from supporting commercial transactions to the opening of digital banks, drafting compliance policies, etc. We cooperate with international consulting firms and organizations. We are one of the first law firms in Uzbekistan who has an experience of working both with startups and venture funds.

We are trying to change the world for the better

We take care of the environment and animals. Therefore, we provide pro bono services and consultations to various NGOs. We provide pro bono consultations to people who find themselves in difficult life situations.

We have experience

BSC law firm have advised dominant foreign IT companies, foreign banks and international organizations.

Our law firm was successfully litigating banks. For example, in one of the cases, we successfully released a pledge of 125 billion UZS (11.4 million USD), which was illegally held by one of the state-owned banks.

We accompanied the entry of large international companies into the Uzbek market.

We successfully provide protection of intellectual property rights of our clients by registration of their trademarks, programming codes, inventions, appealing decisions of Intellectual property agency and etc.

We have developed and successfully applied our very own Convertible Note Agreement to regulate the deal between start-uppers and investors.