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Pharmaceuticals & Healthcare

Pharmaceuticals are turning into one of the most developed industries that can produce medicines and medical devices, in addition to everything, provides medicines for the domestic market of the country by almost half. In Uzbekistan there is a developed base for clinical research. There are 8 scientific research institutes and centers that conduct research on creation of new drugs and active substances. Moreover, Uzbekistan is known for the abundance of herbs growing in mountainous areas, which is the reason for rich traditions of manufacturing medicines among the population. Over the past 20 years, about 30 original medicines have been developed on the basis of domestic plants and their production has been established. For the development of pharmaceutical industry in six regions of Uzbekistan, seven specialized free economic zones have been created, where special tax, customs and foreign exchange regimes will apply.

Lawyers of Black Swan Consulting can provide assistance and support on a wide range of issues concerning pharmaceuticals and healthcare:

  • Compliance of all regulatory laws and rules of authorized state bodies;
  • Drafting of partnership agreements, contracts and other documents;
  • Property and commercial premises;
  • Legal services on issues related to the commissioning and state registration of facilities.