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Support of enforcement proceedings

Do you want to consult on enforcement proceedings in Tashkent? Do you need professional services in this field? Looking for good lawyers for legal support of enforcement proceedings in Uzbekistan? Black Swan Consulting is a law firm that will help with these and other similar tasks.

We have been specializing in this sphere for many years and provide the best conditions for our clients. Responsible and qualified lawyers, a wide range of legal support services in enforcement proceedings, flexible pricing policy – these are just a few advantages of BSC. What is this direction? What kind of legal assistance in the sphere of court enforcement proceedings in Uzbekistan can our specialists provide? In this review you will find the answers.

Support of enforcement proceedings: general information

The services presented in this section are a complex of measures, aimed at enforcing a court decision. In a number of cases, the presence of a court decision, rendered in favor of one of the parties, does not indicate a guaranteed restoration of the violated rights in its respect. Bad faith of the debtor, a considerable workload of court enforcement officers delay the execution of a court decision.

Professional support of enforcement proceedings allows to avoid such delays. Lawyers with a number of special powers, can positively influence the course of events, controlling not only the accuracy, but also the timeliness of the implementation of all participants in the process of their duties.

What enforcement proceedings services include

Comprehensive support of clients offered by our law firm covers all demanded types of services. The basic procedure involves the performance of the following works:

Advising on the issues of enforcement proceedings.

Preparation of applications for the issuance of a writ of execution / a duplicate of the writ of execution / application for the restoration of the missed deadline / application for clarification of a writ of execution.

  • Preparation of petitions for seizure of funds on the accounts of the debtor, the arrest of the debtor’s property and other measures aimed at the collection of debts.
  • Representing the interests of the client in the communication with the court enforcement officer.
  • Appeal against the actions (inaction) of court enforcement officers.

In each situation, the basic set may vary. Some types of work to support the enforcement proceedings are abolished, others may be added. After getting acquainted with the task set by the client, our employees will offer the best scheme of cooperation.