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Transaction support

Whether it is an acquisition of a real estate, equipment, software product or shares of the company, there is always a need for a specialist who will help to overcome all the intricacies of the transaction, point out possible risks, and prevent the conclusion of a transaction that is undesirable for the client. To accomplish the above-mentioned tasks, besides that it is needed to perform financial and economic analysis, it is also important to identify any legal risks that may arise from the contract itself or from the laws and regulations governing such transactions. Moreover, in addition to identifying all risks, special attention should be paid to the currency and banking legislation.

Black Swan Consulting team is helping to facilitate the safety and growth of a company by offering the following services:

  • Preparation of documents, legal due diligence and support of transactions
  • Providing legal opinions on any issues related to the conclusion and execution of various transactions with offshore and other foreign companies
  • Assessment of possible legal and financial risks arising in connection with transactions
  • Providing recommendations on eliminating and minimizing risks
  • Legal support for projects related to the sale and purchase of business, property, through the acquisition or disposal of assets.