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IT & Telecommunications

Do you want to consult on legal matters in the IT industry? Are you looking for an experienced lawyer in the field of information technology in Uzbekistan? Do you need legal advice on obtaining resident status in the IT Park of Tashkent? Black Swan Consulting can help you with each of these tasks. Our extensive experience has allowed us to create the most favorable conditions for serving our clients. Our lawyers, with deep knowledge and extensive experience, provide consultations and practical assistance in all sought-after types of legal services in the field of telecommunications and information technology. Detailed information about the services offered by BSC in this area can be found on this page.

Legal services in the IT sector in Uzbekistan: What we offer

The sphere of information technology is one of the fastest-growing in the global economy. At the same time, it serves as a powerful driver of economic growth. This sector has significantly transformed and influenced economic processes in other industries. It continues to successfully shape a new type of knowledge-based economy, utilizing information and products of human intellectual labor.

The IT sector in Uzbekistan is experiencing rapid and dynamic growth, not merely arithmetic, but rather geometric progression. One of the main reasons for this success is the establishment of the IT Park, initiated by the President of the Republic of Uzbekistan. This special economic zone provides its residents with preferential conditions. The IT Park supports startups, develops residency programs, oversees IT visas, maintains a specialized marketplace with vacancies and projects, and conducts educational courses in the IT field.

Black Swan Consulting offers a wide range of legal services in the information technology field as it is one of our core areas of expertise. Clients representing the IT sector can benefit from the following types of legal assistance:

  • Company registration services, development of corporate documentation.
  • Support in obtaining resident status in the IT Park.
  • Assistance in various IT projects, including those based on blockchain.
  • Development of internal labor and corporate documentation.
  • Consultations on regulatory requirements.
  • Support in obtaining various types of licenses.
  • Assistance in registering personal data databases.
  • Consultations on intellectual property matters.
  • Support in registering trademarks and software codes.
  • Assistance in any business transactions.
  • Drafting contracts, agreements, and other documents.

A diverse range of options is not the only advantage of our services. Legal support in the IT sector from Black Swan Consulting offers several other benefits to our clients. We guarantee service quality and ensure tasks are completed within optimal time frames. Along with practical assistance, clients receive professional consultations from lawyers specialized in the IT field. All of this is complemented by a flexible pricing policy with rates accessible for Uzbekistan’s market for legal services in the IT sector.