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Black Swan Consulting provides a wide range of legal services in the field of corporate law in Tashkent. We have been specializing in this area for more than a year. Consulting services in the field of corporate law are provided by qualified lawyers with extensive experience in this area. You can find detailed information about advice and practical help in solving issues in this sphere on this page below.

General information about the corporate law in Uzbekistan

Corporate law is a complex of legal norms, regulating legal status, order of activity and creation of companies. In spite of the fact that corporate legislation has significant differences practically in every country, there are some parameters common for almost all states. We are talking about a number of features of a commercial organization, which must have:

  • liability;
  • shares and participatory interest;
  • a centralized management structure.

In addition, corporate legislation implies that a commercial company or organization must necessarily be a separate legal entity. The main purpose of the legislative bodies governing this area is to create a comfortable and safe environment for companies to conduct their business. Laws are designed to be friendly and loyal to entrepreneurs, and the provision of legal services on corporate law contributes to the realization of this task.

Spectrum of corporate law services: your opportunities with BSC in Uzbekistan

Extensive experience of different legal services allows us to create comfortable and favorable conditions for our clients. Legal assistance in the field of corporate law is not an exception. Turning to BSC for ordering corporate law services in Tashkent and other cities, customers discover a wide range of offers, including:

  • Advice and assistance in choosing the optimal legal form of business.
  • Assistance in registration, reorganization, liquidation of legal entities, accreditation of representative offices of foreign companies and organizations, obtaining licenses, certificates and other approvals in accordance with the law.
  • Development and drafting of any corporate documents as required by law.
  • Development of a system of corporate governance and corporate documentation.
  • Consulting and legal support of corporate procedures, including the convening and holding of meetings of shareholders and participants of companies, changes in the charter capital and the issue of securities, the purchase of shares and stakes in legal entities, the payment of dividends, the resolution of corporate disputes.
  • Advice and comprehensive legal support in liquidation and bankruptcy of legal entities.

For detailed information on these and other corporate law services we recommend contacting our consultant by any of the available means.