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Blockchain & Cryptocurrency

Black Swan Consulting is one of the pioneering legal firms that has embraced legal services in the blockchain sphere in Uzbekistan. For several years, we have specialized in providing such services, offering clients highly favorable collaboration terms. Legal assistance in the cryptocurrency field is one of the actively evolving aspects of our practice. Familiarize yourself with the general information about the service and the advantages that our firm offers to each client.

The current situation in the field of cryptocurrencies and blockchain technologies in Uzbekistan

Due to the significant proliferation of cryptocurrencies over the past six years, governments are facing new challenges related to problematic legal regulation of cryptocurrency transactions, optimal utilization of cryptocurrency benefits, and the integration of crypto innovations into existing financial and legal systems. Ignoring cryptocurrency for an extended period is not feasible, and resisting it is unwise.

There are disagreements regarding the future legal status of cryptocurrencies. However, transactions and other operations involving coins are already being successfully conducted worldwide. Businesses are actively leveraging blockchain, smart contracts, and other developments in the cryptocurrency sphere. The world’s largest banks are not only studying but also implementing blockchain tools and their equivalents. Only the lack of legal clarity prevents these new technologies from fully unfolding.

Legal services in the field of blockchain technologies in Tashkent

Our legal firm has extensive experience in advising on cryptocurrency and blockchain matters. We offer a wide range of services to support such projects, including services for registration and obtaining licenses in various jurisdictions for cryptocurrency trading, currency exchange, as well as SVF licenses. When turning to Black Swan Consulting, you can request the following types of services in this field:

  • development of various contracts (credit agreements, liquidity provision, and others);
  • transaction support related to cryptocurrency and blockchain technologies;
  • development of various internal policies (KYC, privacy policy, AML), public offerings, terms of use;
  • registration of legal entities in various jurisdictions, obtaining cryptocurrency licenses, SVF licenses, and other regulatory documents;
  • consultation on compliance with established legal requirements.

This also includes any other issues related to cryptocurrency and blockchain operations in Tashkent and other cities in Uzbekistan. Additionally, we do not limit clients to the list of services provided above. Our lawyers are ready to undertake any other tasks related to cryptocurrency matters in Uzbekistan. We complete assigned tasks within the shortest timeframes and without compromising quality. If you have questions related to legal assistance in blockchain matters, or if you need to engage legal services in this field, feel free to reach out to our team.