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Blockchain & Cryptocurrency

Due to the significant spread of cryptocurrency over the past six years, states face new challenges related to the problematic legal regulation of cryptocurrency transactions, the optimal use of the advantages of cryptocurrency, the introduction of crypto-innovation into the current financial and legal systems. It is impossible to ignore cryptocurrency for a long time, and it is stupid to resist. There is controversy regarding the future legal status of virtual currencies. But nevertheless, transactions and other operations with bitcoins are already being successfully carried out around the world. Business is already actively using cryptocurrencies, smart contracts and other blockchain developments, the world’s largest banks are not only learning but already implementing blockchain tools and their analogues. Only the lack of legal certainty does not allow these new technologies to fully unfold.

BSC law firm has extensive experience in advising of cryptocurrency and blockchain projects. We offer a wide range of services in the field of supporting such projects, including services for registration and obtaining a license in different jurisdictions for crypto trading, currency exchange, as well as an SVF license. Our services include:

  • Development of various kinds of contracts (loan agreements, liquidity providing and etc.);
  • Support of transactions;
  • Development of various kinds of internal policies (KYC, Internal Policy, Privacy Policy, AML), public offers, terms of use, etc.
  • Registration of legal entities in various jurisdictions and obtaining a crypto license, SVF license, etc;
  • Consulting on compliance with all necessary legal requirements.