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Compliance & Regulatory

Black Swan Consulting (BSC) provides a full range of legal regulatory services in Uzbekistan. We are not the first year to specialize in the direction of compliance. Consultations and practical services are provided by experienced and highly qualified lawyers. Find general information about the regulatory environment and the benefits of our compliance services in Tashkent and other cities.

Regulation: General Information

In modern jurisprudence, the term “compliance” is used to refer to the part of the management or control system dealing with the risks of non-compliance. Such risks include:

  • non-compliance with legal requirements;
  • non-compliance with regulatory documents;
  • violation of various standards and rules.

Compliance risks can result in legal or regulatory sanctions. Also, the lack of qualified regulatory support may cause financial and/or reputational losses.

The purpose of implementing a compliance system is to establish effective mechanisms in the company to identify and analyze corruption areas, assess and manage legal risks. Legal compliance services allow for comprehensive protection of the company from various legal, tax, economic, reputational, sanctions and other threats.

Companies with compliance programs are safer and more desirable business partners. Thus, the implementation of a compliance program contributes to the development of an enterprise.

Complex of compliance services in Uzbekistan from BSC

Our employees are certified lawyers and experts in international arbitration, compliance, commercial and corporate law. This allows us to provide a wide range of services, including:

  • Development and implementation of compliance programs (code of corporate ethics; policy on accepting and giving gifts; policy on reporting violations of ethical standards and other internal rules; policyб governing conflicts of interest);
  • Corruption risk assessment and prevention;
  • Creating a compliance hotline and email account where messages and comments can be sent anonymously;
  • Development and implementation of a compliance control policy for counterparties and clients (“due diligence”);
  • Developing and implementing a compliance control policy to address complaints;
  • Conducting compliance seminars;
  • Developing and disseminating practical guidance to employees on preventing and resolving conflicts of interest based on the specifics of their activities;
  • Maintaining a system of compliance management at your facility;
  • Advice on sanctions and export controls.

For more information on these and other compliance services, we recommend to contact us at the contacts listed on the website.