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If you require professional legal assistance in the agricultural sector in Uzbekistan, want to consult on labor protection matters in agriculture, or wish to order legal support for agricultural product supply contracts in Uzbekistan, Black Swan Consulting is a worthy choice to address such tasks.

Our many years of experience have enabled us to create the most favorable conditions for cooperation. Our lawyers, with deep knowledge and extensive experience, provide consultations and practical assistance in all sought-after types of legal support in the agricultural field. Detailed information about the services offered by BSC in this area can be found on this page.

Modern agriculture from a legal perspective

Agriculture is one of the most important sectors of Uzbekistan’s economy, accounting for almost a quarter of the country’s GDP and a similar portion of the workforce. Therefore, it is not surprising that agriculture is one of the sectors receiving the greatest attention from the government. Implementing intensive development programs, applying advanced scientific achievements, digitalizing agriculture, and adopting new technologies, the government aims to at least double the income of farmers and ensure annual sector growth of at least 5% between 2022 and 2026.

It is worth noting separately that in recent years, Uzbekistan has become a major exporter of high-quality and competitive fruit and vegetable products. To ensure year-round exports, significant attention is given to processing and storage. This area requires substantial investments and the implementation of advanced technologies.

All of these features significantly contribute to the increased demand for legal services in the agricultural sector. Our company offers such services to its clients. The approach of Black Swan Consulting is oriented towards specific needs, whether it’s preparing contracts for agricultural product supply, assisting in the registration of farms, or addressing employment-related matters. The range of legal services in agriculture available to our clients includes:

  • Registration of farms.
  • Support in concluding contracts for agricultural product supply with agro clusters and retailers.
  • Consultations on compliance with standards, norms, and requirements for agricultural products.
  • Consultations on risk insurance in agriculture.
  • Consultations on labor law, including labor protection matters in agriculture.
  • Drafting and expert review of contracts and transaction support.
  • Consultations on industry regulation.

Diverse options are not the only advantage of our services. Legal support in the agricultural sector from Black Swan Consulting offers several other benefits to our clients. We guarantee service quality and complete tasks within optimal time frames. Along with practical assistance, clients receive professional consultations from lawyers on agricultural matters. All of this is complemented by a flexible pricing policy with rates accessible for Uzbekistan’s market for legal services in agriculture.