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Real estate

Are you searching for professional legal services related to real estate in Uzbekistan? Do you need consultation from a qualified lawyer for conducting a commercial real estate transaction? Are you seeking a reliable firm for long-term real estate services in Tashkent? Black Swan Consulting (BSC) is the optimal choice for addressing these and similar tasks. We have years of expertise in providing various consulting services in the field of real estate in Uzbekistan. Clients are guaranteed quality service and favorable cooperation conditions.

Current Real Estate Situation in Uzbekistan

In the conditions of an unstable economy, real estate has become one of the most stable long-term investments for investors seeking diversification and steady returns. The real estate sector must compete with other investment classes while providing clients, whether buyers or renters, with the desired product.

It’s essential to note that in Uzbekistan, this market has been steadily developing in recent years. Moreover, the unstable global political situation and the sharp growth in mortgage lending have provided even more opportunities, as real estate market analysis shows that property sales in Uzbekistan increased by 30% in 2022.

The success of any transaction related to residential and commercial real estate largely depends on resolving all legal matters effectively.

Real Estate Legal Services: Black Swan Consulting for Tashkent Clients

The legislative framework in this field is quite complex and has its share of intricacies. Therefore, most real estate agencies regularly utilize the services of specialized law firms. BSC is one such firm with extensive experience in this domain. We offer a wide range of services. When you turn to us, you can request legal support in resolving the following matters:

  • Assistance in acquiring, leasing, selling, and disposing of all types of real estate.
  • Preparation and implementation of trust management agreements for real estate.
  • Analysis and development of investment agreements and other contractual arrangements.
  • Predispute resolution for matters related to residential or commercial real estate.
  • Control over developers’ actions and regulation of their activities from a legal perspective.

This also includes any other issues related to real estate operations in Tashkent and other cities in Uzbekistan. Additionally, we don’t restrict clients to the aforementioned list of services. Our lawyers are prepared to tackle any other tasks related to real estate matters in Uzbekistan. While providing services in this field, our firm takes on risk management. We complete assigned tasks promptly and without compromising quality. Should you have questions related to legal assistance concerning residential and commercial real estate, or if you need to engage lawyers’ services in this field, please reach out to our team.