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Investments & Venture funds

Black Swan Consulting is one of the first legal firms to specialize in supporting investment activities in Uzbekistan. For several years, we have been providing these services, offering clients the most favorable collaboration conditions. Legal assistance in venture funds and investments is one of the actively developing areas of our practice. Familiarize yourself with the general information about the service and the advantages that our firm offers to each client.

Legal support in the field of venture funds and investments

In recent years, Uzbekistan has implemented extensive political and economic reforms. Their main goal is to shift the economy towards more open and market-oriented mechanisms. Positive results have already been achieved, resulting in a more favorable investment climate amidst efforts to privatize large state-owned enterprises.

The government promotes the country as a viable and attractive investment destination. Together with experienced investment lawyers, the state assists investors through intergovernmental coordination and partnership with various stakeholders. This support is reflected in the implementation of sectoral projects and public-private partnerships. As a result of such efforts, the country has made significant progress in structural transformations, improved the investment climate, and provided a more liberal, transparent, and equitable environment for entrepreneurs.

Moreover, Uzbekistan has been developing the venture fund sector. In particular, in 2020, the non-governmental non-profit organization, the Uzbekistan Venture Capital Association, was established. Its mission is to support the development of the venture ecosystem in Uzbekistan and attract international venture capital into the ecosystem of Uzbek startups by bridging the local and global ecosystems to facilitate the flow of knowledge, technology, and capital.

Thanks to the Association’s activities, there are already 6 venture funds operating in Uzbekistan. As this field is in its nascent stage, legal support for investment projects has become an especially sought-after service. The lawyers at Black Swan Consulting already have experience in supporting investment and venture deals and continue to closely monitor the changing landscape to assist their clients accordingly. By contacting with us for legal services in the field of investment in Tashkent, you receive high-quality professional assistance in the following areas:

  • Company registration and corporate documentation development;
  • Joint venture registration;
  • Consultations on corporate and commercial law matters;
  • Compliance with regulatory requirements;
  • Assistance in drafting contracts, agreements, and other documents;
  • Pre-trial dispute resolution;
  • Resolving disputes in courts and commercial arbitrations.

When providing these and any other services related to investments and venture funds, the firm takes on risk management. We accomplish assigned tasks in the shortest possible time without compromising the quality of services offered. If you have any questions regarding legal assistance in investment activities in Uzbekistan, feel free to contact our support team.