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Investments & Venture funds

Large-scale political and economic reforms have been ongoing in Uzbekistan for the recent years, which have led to a more open, market-oriented economy and a more favorable investment climate, amid efforts for the privatization of major state-owned enterprises. The government promotes Uzbekistan as a viable and attractive investment destination and assists investors through collective inter-governmental coordination and partnerships with various stakeholders. Uzbekistan assist investors with sector-specific projects and public-private partnerships serving as public-sector partners. The country achieved notable progress in structural transformations, improving investment climate, and ensuring more free, transparent and level playing field for the entrepreneurs.

Moreover, Uzbekistan develops the sector of venture funds, as in 2020 was incorporated a non-governmental non-profit organization – Uzbekistan Venture Capital Association. Its mission is to support to the development of the venture ecosystem in Uzbekistan, attraction of international venture capital into Uzbek startup ecosystem by building a bridge between local and global ecosystems to facilitate the motion of knowledge, technology and capital. As of today, 6 venture funds are operating in Uzbekistan.

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