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Finance & Fintech

Fintech is a newly born industry on the Uzbek market, but which already is destined to a great success. The state is committed to developing the fintech ecosystem by mobilizing entrepreneurs, investment and industry knowledge. Uzbekistan possesses a number of factors which are essential for accelerating this industry, for instance: increased volume of e-commerce after pandemic, market demands and supporting infrastructure, availability for certain layers of unbanked population, great number of foreign investors and so on.

BSC law firm provides legal services in fintech, bank and financial law to build a stable foundation for the activities of banks and the private sector. Our employees possess theoretical and practical skills in the field of banking, financial law, financial services and IT. We can provide our legal assistance in the work of the bank with problem loans, assist in solving unusual situations and provide operational advice. We carry out our services in all areas of the financial services market: mergers and acquisitions in the financial sector, placement of securities, bond issuance, legal support of international and national credit transactions.

The scope of BSC services in banking and financial law can be implemented both in relation to banking and other financial institutions, and their clients – legal entities and individuals.