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Finance & Fintech

Do you need legal consultation on banking law matters in Tashkent? Are you looking for support from lawyers in the field of fintech in Uzbekistan? Are you searching for an experienced legal firm for long-term collaboration on financial and fintech issues? Black Swan Consulting can assist with solving these and similar tasks. For many years, we have specialized in providing various consulting services in the financial sector in Uzbekistan. Clients are offered favorable collaboration terms, and quality service is guaranteed.

General information about banking law in Uzbekistan

In recent years, our country has been actively developing in the field of finance and financial technologies. Fintech is a relatively new emerging sector for the Uzbek market. However, it is already poised for significant success. The government aims to cultivate a fintech ecosystem through the mobilization of entrepreneurs, investments, and industry expertise. Uzbekistan possesses several factors necessary to accelerate the growth of this sector. Examples include:

  • increased volumes of e-commerce following the pandemic;
  • new market requirements and supporting infrastructure;
  • accessibility for individuals without access to banking services;
  • a large number of foreign and local investors.

The broad prospects of industry development are capturing the attention of an increasing number of business representatives. However, to achieve the anticipated results in this sphere, professional legal assistance is required. Issuing bonds, securities placement, merger and acquisition processes in the fintech sector—these are just a few processes directly linked to jurisprudence.

Legal assistance in banking law also plays a vital role in the exploration of new specialties. With the advancement of financial technology in the banking sector, professions such as financial analysts, business development managers, online marketing specialists, blockchain developers, cybersecurity analysts, and others are actively evolving.

Legal services in the field of finance and fintech in Tashkent: what we offer

The legal firm BSC offers legal services in the field of fintech, banking, and financial law to establish a stable foundation for the operations of banks and the private sector. Our employees possess theoretical and practical skills in banking and financial law, as well as IT.

The firm provides services across all areas of the financial market. In other words, you can reach out to us to receive professional legal assistance in addressing the following tasks:

  • mergers and acquisitions in the financial sector;
  • securities placement and bond issuance;
  • execution of various types of credit transactions;
  • support in obtaining various types of licenses and regulatory documents;
  • consultation on existing legislation, and more.

BSC’s services in the field of banking and financial law can be offered to both banking and other financial institutions, as well as their clients – legal entities. We accomplish assigned tasks within the shortest timeframes without compromising quality. If you have questions related to legal assistance in financial and fintech matters, or if there is a need to engage legal services for banking matters, feel free to contact our team.