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Need help with alternative dispute resolution in Tashkent? Do you want to consult with a lawyer on ADR? Want to find a permanent partner to order ADR legal services in Uzbekistan? All of this will be possible by contacting the services of Black Swan Consulting. We have been specializing in this area for several years. Our lawyers thoroughly study available alternative ways of dispute resolution and apply in practice the most effective of them. Read a detailed description of this field and the features of our ADR legal services.

What is alternative dispute resolution

Alternative dispute resolution (ADR) is a term which unites the methods and techniques of dispute resolution without using the standard legal process. This trend is widely used in civilized countries. Its advantages are obvious. In addition to the fact that the parties avoid protracted and often quite costly court hearings and proceedings, ADR helps many companies retain their reputation.

The high popularity contributes to the demand for alternative dispute resolution counseling and practical assistance in this area. Alternative dispute resolution legal services in Uzbekistan, as in most other countries, are always in demand. And good lawyers of this profile, who additionally must have skills in the field of psychology, are often in short supply.

The most common methods of ADR, both nationally and internationally, are arbitration, mediation and negotiation. In addition to the benefits of this mode of settlement already noted, there are quick, fair and enforceable solutions, reliability, confidentiality, flexibility and relevance (at the legislative level). In some cases, ADR dispute resolution can be achieved with the involvement of a third party who is equally acceptable and impartial.

ADR legal assistance in Tashkent: What BSC offers

Our law firm employs professional mediators who have diverse and extensive experience in conflict resolution. Black Swan Consulting offers ADR services to resolve disputes in virtually all areas of commerce and the economy, including:

  • corporate and commercial disputes;
  • banking and financial services;
  • international trade;
  • real estate;
  • construction;
  • IT and media.

This spectrum is not limited to the listed areas. If necessary, we are ready to provide alternative dispute resolution services to representatives of any industry. Moreover, at the client’s request our employees can act as mediators for settlement of conflict situations. If you have questions about the methods, costs and other aspects of our ADR services, we recommend that you contact us by any of the available methods.