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Do you need a license for a specific type of activity? Are you unsure if your business falls under a licensed category? Are you planning to reorganize your business and unsure if you need to obtain preliminary consent from the Antimonopoly Committee? Our legal firm, Black Swan Consulting, is ready to provide you with high-quality services in the shortest possible time.


A license is an official document issued by authorized government bodies that grants the right to engage in a specific type of activity. It is an integral part of business regulation, ensuring legality and control over its operations. Its presence guarantees compliance with legal norms, quality standards, and safety requirements within the respective industry. Currently, a significant number of economic activities in the Republic of Uzbekistan require a special license, granting the right to conduct specific activities. The licensing process involves a series of procedures related to the application submission, review, issuance, renewal, suspension, resumption, termination, annulment, re-registration, and revocation of licenses. A license is necessary for a wide range of activities, including but not limited to: providing non-state educational services, crypto-asset circulation, exchange activities, professional activities in the securities market, and many others. In addition to licenses, there are also types of activities that require obtaining permits. These include the import of certain goods into the territory of Uzbekistan, mergers and acquisitions of economic entities, land use, and others. Furthermore, certain activities are carried out through notification to the authorized bodies. For example, extracurricular educational activities, including foreign language training, retail trade of alcoholic products, investment consulting, construction and installation works, and many more.

Our Services

The team of specialists at Black Swan Consulting possesses extensive knowledge and experience in licensing and permit procedures, enabling us to provide clients with high-quality legal services and effective support in achieving their goals in this field. We offer a wide range of services in this area, including:
  • Consultations on licensing;
  • Preparation and submission of license applications;
  • Support at all stages of the licensing process;
  • Risk assessment and opportunities in the field of licensing;
  • Representation of client interests in communication with government representatives; and much more.
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