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Data, Privacy & IT

Information privacy, or data privacy, covers the establishment of rules that govern the collection, use and handling of personal data. However, the definition of personal data and how it is protected varies greatly from law to law and country to country. Personal data should be understood as data relating to a particular natural person or allowing his identification. Data privacy cannot exist without keeping data secure. Adequate security measures are essential to guarantee information’s authenticity, confidentiality, and integrity. Physical security measures, administrative security measures, and technical security measures are the three broad types of data security measures. Data security regulations often require companies to keep appropriate security measures. Furthermore, an increasing number of countries are enacting security breach disclosure laws that compel businesses to notify government authorities and affected individuals when a security breach leads to the loss or unlawful disclosure of personal data.

Special attention should be paid to the fact that when implementing IT projects, it is important to comply not only with the legislation in the field of ensuring the security of personal data, but also in the field of IT in general. When carrying out a particular activity, it is necessary to understand whether this activity is licensed, what are the requirements for the implementation of this kind of activity, and also, in order to optimize costs, what benefits and preferences can be obtained and how you can secure your intellectual property.

The team of Black Swan Consulting provides a wide spectrum of services all above-mentioned fields including, but not limited to:

  • Helping companies to navigate the requirements of privacy and data security laws;
  • Advising companies on a wide range of privacy and data security measures;
  • Preparing necessary corporate documentation related to the data privacy;
  • Registration of personal data bases;
  • Assisting companies in ensuring that their data collection and processing practices, data transfer procedures, privacy policies, and marketing activities are compliant with the relevant domestic regulations and laws;
  • Support in obtaining various kinds of licenses and permits;
  • Support in obtaining residency in the IT-Park and Cyber-Park.