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Data, Privacy & IT

Need data protection consulting services in Uzbekistan? Do you want to consult on privacy of personal information? Looking for an experienced IT data protection lawyer in Tashkent? Black Swan Consulting (BSC) law firm is the best choice for such matters. Our extensive experience and highly qualified data privacy lawyers allow us to provide reliable and favorable service to each client. Learn about the features of this area and the benefits of our legal services for the protection of personal data.

What is privacy protection

Information (data) confidentiality involves the establishment of rules governing the collection, use and processing of personal data. This data is information that relates to a specific individual or makes it possible to identify him or her. Data privacy cannot exist without data security. Adequate security measures are necessary in order to guarantee the authenticity, confidentiality and integrity of the information. Physical security measures, administrative security measures, and technical security measures are the three main types of data security measures.

The definition of privacy and the legal means of protection vary considerably from country to country. In addition, more and more countries are adopting disclosure and security breach laws that require companies to notify government agencies and affected individuals if a security breach results in the loss or unlawful disclosure of information, especially personal data. Therefore, only professional data privacy legal services will allow you to comply with the requirements set forth in a particular state.

Data protection in IT

When undertaking IT projects, it is important to comply not only with legislation in the area of personal data security, but also with IT in general. It is necessary to understand if this or that activity is licensable, if you can take advantage of IT-Park benefits, what the requirements are for doing business and how you can protect your intellectual property.

Privacy services in Tashkent

The Black Swan Consulting team provides a wide range of services in the area of confidentiality. By contacting us, you can be provided with legal support in the following areas:

  • Helping companies comply with privacy and data protection laws;
  • Advising companies on a wide range of privacy and data protection measures;
  • Preparation of necessary corporate documentation related to data privacy;
  • Registering databases of personal data;
  • Assisting companies in ensuring the legitimacy of the data collection and processing methods used, data transfer procedures, privacy policies and marketing activities;
  • Drafting of various types of non-disclosure agreements;
  • Support in obtaining various types of licenses and permits;
  • Support in obtaining residency in IT-Park and Cyber-Park.

For more information and to order data privacy services, please use the contacts provided on the website.