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In need of professional legal services in the field of trade in Tashkent? Looking to engage legal support for commercial activities for a trading company in Uzbekistan? Searching for an experienced legal firm for long-term collaboration on commercial law matters? Black Swan Consulting is the optimal choice to address these and similar tasks. We have long specialized in providing various consulting services in the wholesale and retail trade sector in Uzbekistan. Clients are assured of quality service, and favorable collaboration terms are offered.

What is commercial law: general information and legal aspects

Commercial law, also known as trade law, is a legal branch that directs and regulates all commercial transactions, types of activities, as well as relationships between:

  • economic entities;
  • regulatory authorities;
  • business support agencies;
  • transportation means;
  • consumers of products.

Thus, commercial law plays a decisive role in the efficient, fair, and successful functioning of businesses across all realms of trade and economics. Contracts, agreements, currency control, international operations, goods delivery, and service provision, contract registration— all these matters are governed by commercial law. Therefore, every commercial company and retail trade organization requires comprehensive and reliable legal consultation.

Having a qualified and experienced team of lawyers will reduce business risks and ensure compliance with procedures to all legislative standards, enabling firms and organizations to carry out their activities confidently and smoothly. Naturally, maintaining in-house legal teams is financially burdensome for most players in the trade business. In such cases, services from a specialized legal firm become a more advantageous solution, as will be discussed further.

Legal support of wholesale and retail trade: BSC for clients in Tashkent

Our firm provides a wide range of professional legal services in the field of commercial law. Black Swan Consulting’s lawyers possess high qualifications and experience in the following areas:

  • development of all types of commercial contracts and agreements;
  • employment law advisory services;
  • consultation on matters of retail and wholesale trade;
  • development and implementation of local regulations;
  • advisory on regulatory compliance;
  • registration of legal entities in the commerce sector;
  • support in opening trade branches.

Moreover, we do not limit our clients to the aforementioned list of services. Our lawyers are ready to undertake any other tasks related to trade law in Uzbekistan. We complete assigned tasks within the shortest timeframes and without compromising quality. If you have questions related to legal assistance in matters of retail and wholesale trade, or if you need to engage legal services in the field of commercial law, feel free to reach out to our team.