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Migration contributes to spur innovation and economic growth of the hosting country, as the migrants contribute more in taxes and social contributions and make important contributions to the labor market. Every country employs its own unique immigration laws, regulations, and policies for governing, administering, and controlling immigrations into the country in the purpose of preserving peace and order, promoting prosperity, and ensuring the total safety of its residents on the territory of the country. Uzbekistan always welcomes foreigners and immigrants both on paper and in practice. The fact of this hospitable practice was additionally demonstrated during mass migration from the neighboring countries due to the military conflict in 2022. The Uzbek government has recently introduced amendments to the national legislation that provide a number of benefits for the immigrants and greatly simplify the employment procedures for the foreign workers.

Black Swan Consulting has been helping individuals, families, companies, businesses, employers, and organizations regarding the issues of:

  • Obtaining various types of visas;
  • Immigrations;
  • Citizenship;
  • Obtaining a residence permit;
  • Obtaining permission to carry out labor activity;
  • Obtaining the Personal identification number of the natural person;
  • Consulting on the issues of migration law.