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Black Swan Consulting offers legal services in the education sector in Uzbekistan. We have been developing this area for several years, allowing us to create the most comfortable collaboration conditions with our clients. Our team of lawyers with extensive knowledge and experience provides consultations and practical assistance. Our activities encompass all types of in-demand legal support in the educational field. Below on this page, you will find detailed information about this direction and the range of services offered by BSC to our clients.

The education sector in Uzbekistan: Legal aspect

Over the past decade, Uzbekistan’s education sector has undergone significant changes due to the entry of new players into the local market and the simplification of certain procedures. These players include private schools/universities and branches of international schools/universities. Currently, there are more than 30 international and 20 private educational institutions, while the number of local universities stands at 93.

Additionally, the quality of state educational institutions continues to improve. Existing institutions undergo systematic enhancements, and new ones are established. The activities of all these institutions are regulated by the law. However, maintaining an in-house lawyer is not cost-effective for schools and universities. A more convenient way to address legal matters is through legal support services in the education sector.

This service is offered to clients by Black Swan Consulting. Our lawyers assist with legal matters related to the organization and management of educational institutions, the development of curricula, and the conduct of courses. We provide consultation to representatives of the education sector on ensuring equal and fair educational opportunities for all students. Our firm’s lawyers offer a wide range of services, including:

  • Drafting necessary documents and obtaining proper registration.
  • Compliance with regulations and rules of authorized government bodies.
  • Consultation on labor legislation in the education domain.
  • Support in the registration and approval of developed educational plans and programs.
  • Assistance in registering trademarks and intellectual property rights protection.
  • Support in mergers and acquisitions of educational institutions.
  • Support in notifications, licensing, and obtaining other regulatory documents.

When providing these and other services in the education sector, our firm takes on risk management. We ensure the shortest possible completion times for tasks set by clients without compromising the quality of our services. If you have any questions regarding legal support in educational matters in Uzbekistan, do not hesitate to reach out to our support team.