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Private equity

The legal basis for supporting private equity involves negotiating, organizing, and documenting a range of transactions, such as acquisitions of both public and private companies, and sales of previously acquired companies or investments, conclusion of investment agreements, loans, etc. Private equity companies or individuals seek to raise the value of the business they invest in, typically by raising profitability and expanding operations. After several years they try to sell the business (or their share of it) with a certain profit. Private equity lawyers supporting all these processes play a crucial role because depending on the documents drawn up by them, all commercial and corporate procedures will be carried.

Black Swan Consulting offers the following legal services in the sector of private equity:

  • Supporting funds and investors to invest directly in private companies;
  • Legal advice and analysis of transactions;
  • Compliance of all regulatory laws and rules of authorized state bodies;
  • Drafting all requisite contracts, agreements, and other documents;
  • Representation in all state authorities and etc;
  • Drawing up agreements on the distribution of profits, constituent and corporate agreements;
  • Challenging corporate decisions in court;
  • Services of professional mediators.