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Show business

Show business is a commercial activity in the field of entertainment shows. Narrowly defined, show business is considered as the music performances, designed for a mass audience. However, in a broader sense, the show business includes not only the music stage, but many other activities that are close to it in terms of functionality: the film industry, sport events, entertainment programs, beauty contests, and even music broadcasting. In the sphere of show business, as well as in other areas, there are a number of specific problems that creative people cannot solve by independent forces. Our team has an extensive experience of working with famous artists, foreign music labels and etc. We understand this business in details. We know its pitfalls and the ways to avoid them.  

Our team can offer the following services:

– drafting of various kinds of agreements with authors, producers, artists, labels and etc.

– negotiations with advertising agencies, media;

– preparation of draft agreements during the registration of copyright.

– complex legal support of the process of filming movies, TV shows, talk shows, reality shows;

– analysis and development of contracts for the conduct and participation in casting;

– analysis and drafting of event making contracts;

– analysis of contracts with PR agencies for the provision of PR – services;

– drafting of investment contracts (agreements with sponsors and production centers);

– analysis and drafting of contracts for participation in video shooting;

– analysis and drafting of agreements on the alienation of rights to intellectual property;

– analysis and drafting of license agreements and etc.