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Labor & HR management

Labor law regulates relationship between employees and the employer arising in the process of their direct participation in labor.        
Every employee has the right to:

– working conditions that meet the requirements of safety and hygiene;

– to equal remuneration for equal work without discrimination and not less than the minimum wage established by law;

– to rest is ensured by the establishment of the maximum working time, and paid annual leave;

– on social security by age, in case of disability and in other cases established by law for compensation for damage caused by damage to health in connection with work; on judicial protection of their labor rights, etc.

– However, the rights of the employee are not always respected by the employer at the appropriate level. It also happens otherwise, when the employee does not perform their duties in this case, between the employee and the employer there are various problems that have a negative impact on the activities of the enterprise.

BSC team offers the following services:

– drafting and examination of employment contracts, collective agreements;

– drafting documents regulating labor relations (internal regulations, orders, job descriptions, etc.);

– consulting on labor migration issues, obtaining permits for foreign employees;

– consulting on wages, compensations, severance pay, and other benefits, social and medical insurance for employees, application of disciplinary measures;

conducting a personnel audit.