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Guest Lecture at the University of World Economy and Diplomacy

On April 08, 2023, another meeting was organized with the managing partner of Black Swan Consulting, Amir Akhmedov with the students of the International Law Faculty at the University of World Economy and Diplomacy on «Intellectual Property and Artificial Intelligence». The aim of the seminar was to educate students about the current trends in AI and its legal regulation, as well as the benefits and threats associated with it.

During the seminar, the students actively engaged with the speaker and asked various questions. Amir Akhmedov answered these questions with a multi-faceted response, providing insights on how software development is regulated in Uzbekistan and how AI is regulated foreign countries based on legal acts. He also shared his personal opinion on the integration of AI in different areas of life, including education, health, and other sectors. Additionally, he highlighted the potential consequences of this integration.

One of the questions that caught the attention of the students was the future of the legal profession. They asked whether AI would replace lawyers or benefit them. Amir gave a positive response to this question, citing ChatGPT’s answer that lawyers need not worry about AI replacing them. He emphasized that AI could complement the work of lawyers, but it could not replicate the critical thinking and emotional intelligence that lawyers possess, at least for the nearest future.

The seminar ended with a practical demonstbration of ChatGPT. The students were excited to test it out and see how it performed in a legal context. They inputted various legal queries and were surprised by the  speed of the responses. They were thrilled to learn how AI could assist them in their future legal careers.

Overall, the seminar was a great success. It provided the students with valuable insights into the current state of AI and its legal regulation. They learned about the benefits and threats associated with AI and gained a better understanding of its potential consequences. The practical demonstration of ChatGPT was a great way to conclude the seminar, and the students left with a newfound appreciation for the role that AI could play in their future legal careers.