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Doing IT Business Guide in Uzbekistan

We are excited to introduce our new Doing IT Business Guide in Uzbekistan.

This Guide provides comprehensive analysis and guidance for entrepreneurs wishing to explore and take advantage of opportunities in this fast-growing industry. In recent years, Uzbekistan has established itself as a country that actively stimulates the development of the IT industry, creating a favorable climate for innovation, entrepreneurship and education in the field of high technology.

Government initiatives aimed at supporting and stimulating the growth of the IT sector are opening new horizons for the development of talent and the implementation of innovative projects. This Guide details the support measures taken by the government, including the creation of technology parks such as Cyber Park and IT Park, which offer significant benefits to their residents, including tax incentives and infrastructure development support.

In addition, the Guide addresses key legal aspects of running an IT business in Uzbekistan, including issues of e-commerce, intellectual property protection, confidentiality and personal data protection, and cybersecurity. These sections provide valuable information on current legislation and best practices, providing legal clarity and protection for IT businesses and investors.

The purpose of this Guide is not only to provide up-to-date and verified information about the state of the IT sector in Uzbekistan, but also to stimulate interest and attract investment in this promising industry. We strive to highlight the country’s potential as a leading IT hub in the region, demonstrating opportunities for local and international entrepreneurs and investors.

Download the Doing IT Business Guide in Uzbekistan 2024 by Black Swan Consulting.