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Doing Business Guide in Uzbekistan

Black Swan Consulting has recently prepared and released a comprehensive Doing Business Guide in Uzbekistan for foreign investors and businesspeople seeking to explore the opportunities offered by our rapidly developing country. The Guide is a meticulously prepared document, aimed at providing a detailed overview of the legal framework governing business operations in the country. The guide covers essential topics such as company registration, taxation, labor regulations, intellectual property, immigration, and more.

As a law firm with extensive experience in assisting clients with their business endeavors in Uzbekistan, our goal is to help foreign investors and businesspeople overcome the legal challenges they may face when setting up a business here. The Guide is intended to serve as a general reference for those who are just starting to explore business opportunities in Uzbekistan, as well as a detailed resource for those who already have business experience in the country and want to deepen their knowledge of the intricacies of Uzbek legislation and practice.

Our team of lawyers has compiled the most relevant information on doing business in Uzbekistan, drawing from their extensive experience in the local market. We are confident that this guide will be a valuable resource for foreign investors and businesspeople seeking to invest in Uzbekistan and exploit the country’s vast potential.

We invite everyone interested in doing business in Uzbekistan to take advantage of this guide, which is available for free on our website. We are committed to helping our clients successfully implement their investment and business strategies in Uzbekistan, and we believe that this guide is a useful tool for achieving that goal. Contact us today to learn more about how we can assist you with your business endeavors in Uzbekistan.