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Cryptocurrency & Blockchain

Within the framework of cryptocurrency projects, especially in the field of cryptocurrency trading, it is often necessary to develop various kinds of policies (for example, KYC, AML, Terms & Conditions, etc.). Competent drafting of such important documents can allow you to limit your risks to customers and users of your platform, but also not violate the requirements of the legislation of certain countries, which otherwise can lead to negative legal consequences.

Our law firm has extensive experience in advising of cryptocurrency and blockchain projects.

We offer a wide range of services in the field of supporting such projects, including services for registration and obtaining a license in different jurisdictions for crypto trading, currency exchange, as well as an SVF license.

We offer:

– Development of various kinds of contracts (loan agreements, liquidity providing and etc.);

– Support of transactions;

– Development of various kinds of internal policies (KYC, Internal Policy, Privacy Policy, AML), public offers, terms of use, etc.

– Registration of legal entities in various jurisdictions and obtaining a crypto license, SVF license, etc.