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The purpose of implementing the compliance system is to create effective mechanisms in the company for identifying and analyzing corruption-related areas of activity, assessing and managing legal risks in the event of corruption relations, comprehensive protection of the company from various legal, tax, economic, reputational, sanction and other threats.

Companies with compliance programs are safer and more desirable business partners. Thus, the implementation of the company’s compliance program contributes to the development of the enterprise. Our employees are certified lawyers and experts in the field of international arbitration, compliance, commercial law, corporate law. 

Our law firm provide the following services:

– development and implementation of compliance programs (the Code of Corporate Ethics, the policy of accepting and giving gifts, the policy of reporting violations of ethical standards and other internal rules, policies governing conflict of interest);

– assessment of corruption risks and their prevention;

– creating a hotline and electronic mailbox on compliance, where messages and comments can also be sent anonymously;

– development and implementation of the policy of compliance control of counterparties and customers (Due Diligence);

– development and implementation of compliance control policies for handling complaints;

– holding seminars on compliance;

– development and dissemination among employees of practicalrecommendations on preventing and resolving conflicts of interest,taking into account the specifics of their activities;

– maintaining compliance management in your enterprise;

– advice on sanctions and export controls and etc.