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Agriculture is one of the most crucial sectors of the Uzbekistan’s economy – almost quarter of the whole country’s GDP and labor force fall on this area. Therefore, it is not surprising that agriculture is one of the industries in which the state focuses the most. By implementing intensive development programs, application of advanced scientific achievements, digitizing agriculture, and embracing new technology, the government aims to at least double farmers’ incomes and guarantee a minimum 5% annual growth of the sector in 2022–2026. Moreover, in recent years, Uzbekistan has become a major exporter of high-quality and competitive fruit and vegetable products. To ensure the export throughout the year, much attention is paid to the issues of processing and storage. Significant investments are required in this area, as well as introduction of advanced technologies.

The approach of Black Swan Consulting is targeted to the particular needs of our clients, whether it be the preparation of a deal for supply of agricultural products, assistance in registration of farms, or dealing with an employment-related issue. Our list of services includes but is not limited to:

  • Registration of farms;
  • Assisting the conclusion of contracts for the supply of agricultural products with agri-clusters and retailers;
  • Consultation on compliance with standards, norms and requirements for agricultural products;
  • Consultation on risk insurance in agriculture;
  • Consultation on Employment law issues, including labor protection issues in agriculture;
  • Consultation on Regulatory law.